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There are 5 positions in a court at a time. They are divided into two parts which is back court and front court. Back court consist of Point Guard (SG) and Shooting Guard (SG) while Back court consist of Small Forward (SF), Power Forward (PF) and Center.

Point Guard (PG)

Also referred to as 'number 1'. PG is typically the best ball controller as passer in the team. PG is equivalent to the roles of Captain as they will coordinate the teammates and the ball passed or where the ball will be passed. The are usually are smaller in size. Shortest PG recorded was only 160cm.

Shooting Guard (SG)

Shooting Guard or SG is also known as 'number 2'. SG is the most skillful player in the team to perform a shot with high possibilities or good ratio for the ball to go into the net. A versatile SG can also perform the role of a Point Guard which have a good ball handling skills and amazing shooting skills. With such skills possessed, they could also dribble the ball to the net all by themselves without the help from the teammates.

Small Forward (SF)

Also known as 'number 3'. They are little smaller than Power Forward. Small Forward are said to be the most versatile position in the court as they are fast, have the strength for guarding and good shooting skills. SF roles are quite similar to Power Forward and Shooting Guard. Sometimes their role are interchangeable. 

Power Forward (PF)

Might be referred to as 'number 4'. They have quite a similar role as Center. On offense, they are capable of making mid-range shoots or 'post-up' (playing with their backs to the basket). On defense, they will guarding the opposite team's Power Forward and guard under the net. They are typically 7ft tall (200+cm).


Also known as 'number 5' or 'pivot'. They usually play near the baseline or close to the basket(low post). Center contributes to the team using their physiques and skills, they gathered rebounds (balls that did not made into the net and the ball touches the ring), contesting shots and setting screens in the game. They are typically the tallest man in the team.


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