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Early YMCA gymnasium court
Basketball was discovered in North America by Dr. James Naismith is December 1891. He was a professor and an instructor in Young Men's Christian Association Training School (YMCA) or known as Springfield College, Massachusetts, USA today. It was winter back then when Dr. James Naismith need to think of something to keep his boys occupied and he wrote basics rule of the early basketball. He started to nail a peach basket onto a 10-foot (3.05m) elevated track. Basically, the players need to throw the ball into the basket. After a while, they found that the basket was impractical as ball need to be taken out manually each time after a ball has entered the basket. So the bottom of the basket was removed eventually. 

Modern Basketball
In 1906, the peach basket was replaced with metal hoops and backboard. In time, the hoops was perfected until the ball could merely pass through. Thebackboard was invented so rebound shot could be possibly made. In the early year, there are no specific ball for basketball. The first ever ball made for basketball was brown but it is hard to be seen by the player as well as the spectators and eventually the ball's color was changed into orange as seen today.

At the beginning, dribbling (bouncing the ball while running) was not part of basketball. The ball movement was merely made by passing the ball to the other teammates. Dribbling was later introduced in the 1950's as the manufacturer improved the ball symmetry from its assymetric shape to what it appears to be today. The first ever game was held in the YMCA gymnasium on 20th January 1892.


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